Chapter History

 An Abridged History of the Delta Pi Chapter of Chi Phi


The Chi Phi Fraternity is the oldest men’s social fraternity. Since 1824, Chi Phi has existed to promote truth, friendship, and personal integrity. During the 1996-97 academic year at GSW, 15 men resided on the second floor of D-wing in Complex III. They became close friends and participated in everything from intramural sports to Relay for Life. These men desired not only to be friends but to be brothers. After careful planning and consideration, these men decided that the Chi Phi Fraternity expressed the same ideals and morals as they did.


On May 27, 1997, these 15 men were initiated into and became the founding fathers of the Delta Pi Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity. The Delta Pi Chapter was established as a new alternative to the Greek life on the GSW campus. Over the course of our existence, our accomplishments have reflected the ideals set forth by our founders. The Chi Phi Fraternity has maintained the highest GPA of any men’s social fraternity on campus. Brothers of Chi Phi also participate in such campus activities as The Student Government, Residence Life, C.A.B., Zephyrs, BCM, Concert Choir, and the Orientation Team. Our participation in campus activities has helped us to improve some of the negative stereotypical views of fraternities. Along with academic excellence and campus participation, Chi Phi exists to promote brotherhood and friendship. The experiences we have shared have helped us to become closer as brothers. The bond of brotherhood comes from each of us and can never be compromised.