Why Chi Phi?

Why the Chi Phi Fraternity? Why make the investment and potentially support the decision for your son to be a member of the Chi Phi family? The answer lies simply within the question. We are a family, and even deeper, a brotherhood that strives for excellence and molds its members into even better men than when they first stepped on campus.

Become a Leader

We are a group of men who embrace the difference in ourselves and view the individuality as an asset that makes us stronger. The Chi Phi Man is one who takes the reins of leadership through most facets of campus life including the Office of Admissions, Residence Life, the O’Team, Zephyrs, and Student Government.


To promote scholastic achievement and to help Chi Phi Brothers be better men, the Chi Phi Educational Trust awards approximately $100,000 in academic and member development scholarships on a yearly basis. In addition to scholarships from the Chi Phi Educational Trust, the Delta Pi Educational Trust also rewards scholarships for chapter brothers.


An alumnus brother said it best, “Where is Brotherhood? Where is the unity that binds us? And where is that special place in your heart where all your Brothers are held dear? It’s nowhere – it’s kind of a question of faith in something, a belief which cannot be materialized […] No one can take that unity away.”

Achieve Greatness

Chi Phi Brothers can be found in all walks of life on campus, whether they are running another club, participating in sports events, giving a tour to prospective students, or working for the school, the Brothers can be found. Brothers take great pride in their school work, creating an environment that encourages hard work and studious habits.


With these practices in place, the Brothers of Chi Phi push one another to succeed in everything they do, whether it is a project for improving the house or passing a test, the support of the Brothers of Chi Phi can be found. The Brothers of Chi Phi are more than friends, they are Brothers who welcome those who come to our door in search of becoming something bigger than themselves.